Optical Control


Exact inventory knowledge and permanent inventory are mandatory to increase productivity, for on-time delivery and an immediate reaction in case of bottlenecks. The OC-SCAN CCX.3 simplified the electronic manufacturing work and gives an exact overview of single component stocks. All relevant data is made available in real time. The annual inventory comes superfluous by using the X-Ray Counter.


  • Automatic component recognition-Automated parameter setting and counting of unknown components.
  • Intelligent database onsite.
  • Verification of results through plausibility check; a prerequisite for automation.
  • Counting of component chains: highest precision for big parts in high volume packaging.
  • Drypack: recognize the interference factor and the evaluation is only directed at the building parts.
  • Quad-Count- Fourfold counting: we count for bundles in 20 seconds with a scan.
  • Stick & Trays: high precision counting in < 10 seconds.
  • Order counting (exact use per order).
  • Inventory mode>
  • 2D inspection for electronic components and assembled circuit boards.
  • Individual solutions (customized).


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